When Should You Get a Chest Bed?

When Should You Get a Chest Bed?

Chest beds, a type of Murphy bed, are one of our most popular space-saving options here at Wallbeds “n” More of Keller. They are functional pieces of furniture that can be a cabinet by day and a bed at night. Our customers often ask us on the right time to have a chest bed at home. Here are some of the most common reasons why this bed is a good investment.

Additional Storage Options

Murphy beds are great for additional storage options. People often find it hard to fit as many things as possible in a bedroom. Chest beds can efficiently maximize space, where extra blankets, pillows, cushions and more can be neatly tucked in.

Easy to Use

A lot of people think that Murphy beds are complicated to use. However, we can tell you that this is a common misunderstanding. Most chest beds are relatively easy to set up and tuck away. They are easy to access, which makes them a great option for home offices whenever you need to take a break from work or studying.

Stylish and Trendy

Another misconception that most people have is that Murphy beds are so 70’s. Chest beds have evolved to stylish, modern, and functional pieces of furniture that many trendy spaces consider a must-have. More and more apartments and studio-type condos are on the rise, and you need something that will help you move around easily without sacrificing comfort at night.

Chest beds are easy to fold up against the wall, giving you lots of extra space to convert it into a home office during the day. They have a stylish, modern and functional design that maximizes your sleeping space at home. Check out our selection here at Wallbeds “n” More in Keller, Texas for a variety of chest bed designs that can meet your needs. We also cater to customize upon request!

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