Why a Murphy Door Can be Every Home’s Hidden Gem

Why a Murphy Door Can be Every Home’s Hidden Gem

Murphy Doors are the next big thing when it comes to home design. They are incredibly functional and stylish. Here at Wallbeds n More, the list of customers availing this special kind of hidden door continues to grow, and below are some of the main reasons why.

You can maximize any space available.

A Murphy Door is an amazing space saver. Most homeowners consider the space for traditional doors to be merely for that purpose, simple a walkway and nothing more. Now, you can maximize this by adding more storage options. You will be surprised at the number of accumulated saved space you have. In fact, we advise those with small kitchens to place a hidden door instead of opting for a simple closet. A Murphy Door can store utensils and equipment in front, and larger, heavy supplies at the back.

Murphy Doors are great for storing hobbies or collections.

With its wide variety of customization options and smooth designs, a well-built Murphy Door can appear like a normal bookshelf to the untrained eye. A Murphy Door can be the perfect vault or secret storage option that you have been looking for. With a capacity of carrying 250 to 300 pounds of weight, it can house valuables, collections, and memorabilia. Also, it can be used for gun safety and security, especially in hiding from the eyes of visitors and children.

Have a secret passage way right in your own home.

Just when you thought that mysterious passageways from Hogwarts or secret lairs from all the James Bond movies are impossible to happen in your home, think again. Aside from its functional purposes, a Murphy Door is without a doubt romantic and novel to have in anyone’s home. A secret door opens up a thousand possibilities. For one, you can now have that quiet place where you can no longer be disturbed. Another is having a secret wine tasting room only for close friends or groups.

The best thing is that a Murphy Door is no longer a thing of luxury. We at Wallbeds n More can give you options without burning a hole in your pocket.

Learn more about the perks and important details about the Murphy Door and other great space saving options through our blog. You can also call us now or visit our showroom here in Keller, TX to have your very own Murphy Door or Murphy Bed at home.

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