Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed

Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed

For whatever purpose it may serve, a bed is still meant to become a place or area of comfort for you and your loved ones. If you are after saving space, then a wallbed or sofa bed might be your top options to consider. Still, when it comes to choosing only one, which is better?

Our answer here at Wallbeds N More is that it depends. Being the lead distributor of wallbeds in the Keller,Ft Worth Texas area, we are often asked if a Murphy Bed or a Wallbed is still the best space saving option for beds. Although we highly recommend that you explore the various kinds of wallbeds available, it’s better to be informed of all your options.

Here is a quick comparison of the two popular kinds of beds.

Sofa Bed

Time and time again, sofa beds have proven to be useful and value for the money because of their dual functions as both a bed and a sofa. If you are living in an apartment and you are expecting guests any time of the year, then a sofa bed is always handy for people to crash in your living room.

It is also a good thing that sofa beds have evolved especially in terms of design. You can now have various styles, sizes, and colors made to match your living room. Another benefit is that your sofa bed doesn’t even have to be confined in one room. You can have it moved to different areas because it’s not attached to anything.

Murphy Bed or Wallbed

The best thing about wallbeds is that they can bring dual functions to any room. If your area has a much smaller space or needs more room, then a Murphy Bed is definitely the best way to go. You can have an office, study, or craft area by day and a guest room at night. There can be no traces of a bed in the area because of the evolution of the Murphy Bed’s design and functionality.

You can consult with us here at Wallbeds N More and have your wallbed built with bookcases, door cabinets, desks, shelves, and other storage options. You can have additional lighting setup installed according to your preference.

One of the biggest advantages of a Murphy Bed over the Sofa Bed is the comfort that it brings. For it is flexible with various kinds of mattresses, it can definitely deliver the level of comfort of a regular bed.

In the end, the final decision will still depend on your needs and preference. For more tips in finding the right kind of bed for your space, check out more of our articles. For a free consultation and professional insights, visit or contact us here at Wallbeds N More in Keller, TX. Have a great day!

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