Is a Murphy Bed Like a Regular Bed?

Is a Murphy Bed Like a Regular Bed?

Here at Wallbeds n More, we are often asked the difference between a Murphy Bed and a regular bed. In a way, a real distinction between the two would have to be the form, since wallbeds are generally foldable and built for space saving. Other than that, given the wide options to choose from, a Murphy Bed is a normal bed.

Questions on Comfort

Before, Murphy Beds were known as the smart choice, not the comfortable one. This is understandable given that there were limited options in the past. Now, more and more are switching to wallbeds because of the incredibly wider options to choose from. In fact, a ton of our customers can attest that a Murphy Bed provides the same or even more level of comfort than the traditional box bed. The choice of mattress greatly helps, and modern day wallbeds can be even more versatile in supporting most kinds.

Everyday Setup

Aside from comfort, this is the biggest concern that non-wallbed users have. This is again understandable since before, wallbeds were clunky and difficult to assemble and store away. Now, folding it up and down is as easy as fixing a normal bed. Most Murphy Beds nowadays are made of lighter material and more ergonomic design to help its users use it anytime of the day without breaking a sweat.

In fact, you don’t have to replace the sheets and blankets or store pillows away because most wallbeds have straps to keep them in place. They are so easy to use that even kids and seniors won’t have any problem with them.

Life Span

Will a Murphy Bed last as long as a regular bed? Our answer is a big “yes.” It can even outlive a traditional bed! Many people consider a wallbed as an investment and great value for money because its use extends beyond being a guest bed. It can double as a bed for offices or working areas or as an additional storage option or desk.

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