King vs Queen Size Beds: Which One is Right for You?

King vs Queen Size Beds: Which One is Right for You?

Choosing whether to get a king or queen size bed is not a simple question of size. If that’s the case, then the king size bed, with its larger body, would be the clear cut choice. It is important to make an informed decision when selecting a bed because this bed will be your and your family’s companion every night. To help you decide, below is a quick comparison of the two.

King Size Beds
Size: 76 x 80 inches

A King size bed is considered as the more comfortable choice for couples. If you are a newlywed or someone who’s upgrading to a master’s bedroom, then this is definitely a viable option. However, with its room size requirement of 10 x 14 feet, you will definitely a bigger space. It is important to consider that aside from the bed’s size, you need at least two inches around the bed for the walkway; and this is not yet including the furniture.

Still, setting aside the required space and apparent higher cost of the bed, mattress, and sheets, a king size bed is definitely great for couples to sleep soundly and comfortably every night.

Queen Size Beds
Size: 60 x 80 inches

The main reason why queen size beds continue to sell like hotcakes in the U.S. is because of its versatility. Originally, it is meant to be the ideal bed of one person. With its ample space, you can already sleep comfortably and roll around with pillows on both sides. Nowadays, it is also being used by couples who are living in apartments or those who have bedrooms smaller than a master room.

In short, the queen size bed is a luxury for one person and a practical and budget choice for couples.

Still Can’t Decide?

What could be better than high quality king and queen size beds? Answer: Murphy King and Queen Size Beds. Both sizes are available as Murphy Beds, and we at Wallbeds n More would be happy to help you with that. Call us now or visit our showroom here at Keller, TX to discover that perfect bed that will meet your needs, preference, and budget.

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