How to Make a Comfortable Office at Home

How to Make a Comfortable Office at Home

Whether you’re a student, professional, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, having a working area at home can definitely help in your productivity and development. The problem in having one, however, is learning how to balance the comforts of home and the discipline of work in one area. Below are some quick and easy tips for you to get started in case you are in the mood for fixing an old room, basement, or garage.

Utilize Mirrors, Windows, and Light Source

First, consider your light source. It is extremely beneficial to the room’s atmosphere if there will be one or two windows for natural light. From there, you can position your table near or parallel the window; just be careful of your computer screen catching glare. Next, you can position your mirrors in a way that it will bounce the natural light all over the room. A common mistake is having a mirror reflect the dark areas or reveal the clutter in the room.

Of course, you still need light sources other than the window. Try to play around with different designs of table lamps instead of going for all the way overhead house lighting.

Have Fun Organizing!

One of the biggest problems when working at home is getting lost in the clutter of papers, equipment, and other materials. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want a place with filing cabinets, dividers, and drawers that resemble a cubicle. We recommend that you take a look at wall storage first, and then have fun looking around for colorful and efficiently built shelves.

If you’re planning to double a work and sleeping area, you can also try Murphy Beds that can be customized with shelves.

Get a Desk AND a Bed.

Murphy beds are great for transforming spaces into multi-functional rooms. Best of all, their designs are made for saving space without sacrificing comfort, utility, and aesthetics! You can have a Murphy Desk Bed installed so you can “crash” in your very office at night or when you’re pulling an all-nighter.

Visit our blog again for more space saving ideas and information on wallbeds. You can also call us or visit us here at Wallbeds n More in Keller, TX and we would be happy to personally assist you with your needs and inquiries. Thank you.

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