How to Fit Guests Inside the House During the Holidays

How to Fit Guests Inside the House During the Holidays

As what we always say here in Wallbeds n More, the holidays are coming… And so are your relatives. It’s not that you don’t want your extended family around. We just understand your worry of having to welcome them inside without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Whether it’s because of the lack of rooms or the small space, below are some ideas on how you can get ready for your next holiday guests.

Ready the Blankets and Pillows.

The first thing you have to consider as the host or hostess is comfort. Wherever they will sleep, a set of fluffy pillows, crisp and clean sheets, and cozy blankets or duvet can mean the difference in having a good night’s sleep. As an extra touch, you can add linen spray or some aroma candles on a safe corner so your guest can have a more peaceful and relaxing stay. The next day, greet them a good morning with fresh, clean towels. These little things can help them disregard the space of their sleeping area.

Allot a Space for Luggage.

One of the first things your guests will do when they enter your home is bring down their luggage. Avoid the stressing over where they can put their bags, coat, shoes, and other items by clearing out a space in the closet or placing an additional storage rack beforehand.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

You can be surprised at the amount of space you will save after clearing a pile of dirty laundry, old clothes, shoes lying around, stacks of paper, and other clutter around your home. You don’t have to do a massive spring cleaning. Sometimes, making space just needs a bit of decluttering here and there.

Consider Bathroom Access.

It is highly advisable to have your guests stay near a bathroom, or even better, provide them with their own during their visit. Trust us. They will appreciate the mornings when they don’t have to fall in line or bump into others before being able to brush their teeth or take a bath.

Get a Murphy Bed.

Consider a Murphy Bed as a long term investment. First, you don’t have to give your guests the couch treatment. They can enjoy all the comforts of a regular bed at night without you having to worry about space during the day. Second, the Murphy Bed can also be customized to match your space needs. Third, it can even become an additional storage option around the house.

Learn more on how you can save space without compromising comfort and design by calling us here at Wallbeds n More or visiting our store in Keller, TX. Thank you and have a nice day!

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