Mobile Beds – Mobile Murphy Beds

A Mobile Wallbed is the perfect alternative to a Murphy Wallbed. It comes in two large sizes, Queen and Full and requires zero installation. DFW Covert Wallbeds are ready to use immediately, as soon as they arrive at your door you can set them up immediately. They are designed to look as an attractive cabinet by day and a comfy bed by night, making it easy to turn a bedroom or office into a sleeping area at the drop of a dime.

These spare beds are very simple and easy to use. They open like a clamshell and once opened, reveal a clamshell where both sides drop down in either direction. Inside you’ll find a very comfortable, foam mattress. The stylish cabinet exterior, easy to use fold up system, and mattress designed specifically for our mobile wallbeds are amazing and ultra-comfortable. They guarantee our guests a safe and sound, deep sleep, and solid nights rest.

More on Mobile Wallbeds

They are a unique design and the perfect choice to bring extra bedding into your spare, fitness, or any other room of the home. They are a lot more comfortable than many of the competing products and the perfect solution for any family looking to save space while create more comfort.

Perks of Our Mobile Wallbeds

  • They are Low Cost and more affordable then Wallbeds
  • Zero installation needed
  • Conveniently designed to roll around
  • Opens and closes very easily, both in full and queen sizes
  • Mattress is guaranteed for five years
  • Bed functionality comes with a five year warranty also
  • Mattresses are designed specifically for DFW Covert Furniture
  • Finishes available in caramel, chocolate, and cherry

Why Choose DFW Covert Mobile Beds?

Our team is more like a family; we take great pride in providing our customers with the perfect solution to their problem of saving space and keeping their home comfy. Each of mobile beds is beautifully crafted and finished to a perfect color. We know that when you see our mobile beds in action, you’ll be amazed by the ease of use and comfortable support they provide.