Can Kids Enjoy a Murphy Bed?

Can Kids Enjoy a Murphy Bed?

Murphy Beds are often seen in guest rooms and working areas usually occupied by adults as they are highly efficient in storage and space saving. However, can they cater to children?

There is really no specific age recommended for someone who would like to use a wallbed. Others recommend 12 years old and above, while some even attest to kids not going below that 6 years old. Murphy Beds, especially bunk beds, are definitely great ideas for parents who want both a bed and additional storage space. They have also proven to be quite fun for kids.

Still, the often question here is safety. There have been cases of accidents among children falling or getting stuck in wallbeds, mainly due to roughhousing or the actual materials used. Here at Wallbeds N More, we understand a parent’s concern of their child’s safety above anything else. This is why before we recommend a kind of Murphy Bed, we need to make sure that it is a match for the home and is made of the safest quality for a child.

Here are some tips that we can offer for a child-friendly Murphy Bed.

  • There is No Specific Age Advised for When Children Can Start Using Wallbeds – The age of 12 and above is generally safe. The key here is to see if your child can be mature and responsible enough to understand safety reminders.
  • It Is Vital to Let Your Children Know & Understand that Accidents Can Happen – From horseplay, running, and jumping on the bed can lead to accidents. Although bunk beds can be fun, especially when with siblings or friends, your kids should still be careful even inside their bedrooms.
  • Take Time to Find the Right Kid of Bed – Check if the bed should be made of plastic, metal, or wood. If it’s wood, inspect the wallbed thoroughly to avoid splinters or potential cracks.
  • Examine Your Storage Options – Visit our store at Wallbeds N More in the Fort Worth, Keller, TX area or contact us so we can help you determine the right accessories for your child’s Murphy Bed. We can add a desk, bookshelves, or cabinets.
  • Let Professionals Install the Wallbed – While they are installing it, keep a watchful eye. It is better to have expert hands take over this process to avoid overlooking any detail.
  • Consider Using a Lock – Ask us about how to add extra protection on wallbeds when not in use to keep children from accidentally accessing its parts.

Please visit our blog soon for more information on Murphy Beds. Thank you and have a nice day!

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