5 Reasons Why a Murphy Bed Might be the Best Holiday Gift

Are you currently looking for that perfect gift for your loved one? Here at Wallbeds n More, we tell our clients that Murphy Beds are not just for their own home. Rather, they can also serve as the perfect holiday gift to brighten someone else’s home. Below are some of the reasons why a Murphy Bed might be what you’re looking for to give to someone special.

A Murphy Bed can Transform a Room.

A Murphy Bed can be ideal for someone who needs to have an office or work room at home. It can serve as a desk, cabinet, or shelf during the day and a comfy bed at night. It is also great for parents who have kids in need of a study area and/or play room.

You have a Wide Variety to Choose from.

We have heard numerous stories of how wallbeds have helped homes and apartments in terms of space saving and functionality. Murphy Beds have become a staple choice for many because they are no longer confined to simple styles and forms. You can now choose from a wide variety of wallbeds or have a trusted provider customize one for you.

It is Recommended as a Practical Gift.

Sometimes, giving a piece of jewelry, clothing, electronics, or novelty items just won’t cut it. If you are after something functional and can be used every day, why not consider giving a bed? With a Murphy Bed, you are not just getting a regular bed. You are giving a bed that can double as a desk, chest, or as a different kind of storage option.

It is Safe and Easy to Use.

With the right kind of material, ergonomics, design, and installation, you don’t have to worry about the hazards of a Murphy Bed. Kids as early as the age of 12 can now easily use it every day. There are also straps available so you don’t have to worry about replacing the sheets and blankets every time you store the bed.

You Don’t have to Burn a Hole in Your Wallet!

One of the best things about a Murphy Bed is that it is literally a huge gift. With our surprisingly generous specials here in Wallbeds n More, you can now have a Murphy Bed gift wrapped and sent to your loved one’s home without breaking the bank!

Learn more about Murphy Beds and how you can have one for a friend or family member during the holidays by calling us now or visiting our store near you!